Family/Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

High Tech Sterilization


Our custom sterilization center is designed to maximize efficiency and assure all proper procedures are followed.  This state-of-the-art center is equipped with the latest in sterilizing technology. 

Soniclean Ultrasonic

In consideration of our patients with latex allergies, we use only latex free gloves.

While treating patients, all staff are required to wear goggles.  Even our patients are required to wear them during treatment.

Dr. Prouty wears custom made surgical loupes that not only protect him and the patient, but also provide magnification allowing him to see the tiniest detail.

Sterilization Our custom built Sterilization Center and state-of-the-art equipment meet the Center for Disease Control guidelines.
  • We heat and sterilize all hand pieces and instruments with the latest sterilization equipment.
  • We use gloves, masks, scrubs, eye protection and barrier covers.
  • We use only ADA-approved disinfectants, and, 
  • We use only distilled water during treatment.

Midmark M11 UltraClave

 Sterilization Proceedures
All of our instruments and equipment are kept up to the highest standards.  Any instrument showing signs of wear is replaced with new.  All equipment is serviced regularly.

Masks are worn by all staff
when treating patients.

Surfaces are protected by barriers and replaced with new barriers
for each new patient.
  1. Sterilization.  We believe that clean is not clean until it is sterile.  All dental instruments including mirrors, probes, scalers and handpieces (drills) and other instruments are cleaned meticulously of any visible soil and then individually wrapped and sterilized utilizing either high pressure and heat or chemical  sterilization techniques.  Sterilization of dental instruments eliminates microorganisms by exposure to conditions that cause the destruction of microorganisms and viruses which could potentially transmit disease
  2. Disinfection of all hard surfaces of treatment rooms using approved disinfecting agents to prevent the transmission of disease from surface to hand.  In addition, all treatment surfaces prone to exposure including the dental chair, light handles, handpieces, and hoses are disinfected and covered with a barrier for each patient use.
  3. Our practice uses disposable dental supplies and instruments whenever possible.  This means that instruments such as suction tips, dental needles, and other instrumentation are for single patient use only and disposed of after each use, eliminating the risk of infection from those instruments.
  4. Proper personal hygiene and use of protective equipment helps prevent the spread of disease.  Proper handwashing, glove and mask use as well as other safety and hygiene protocols are utilized by the doctor and the staff. The team is trained on prevention of cross-contamination and proper disposal and sterilization of soiled dental instruments.
  5. Full compliance with all State and Federal protocol for infection control and sterilization techniques ensures patient safety.  Our staff engage in annual training in these areas as well as in OSHA regulations and the infection control policies of the State of California.